Black Lives Matter.

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Black Lives Matter.

Before we resume any normally scheduled posts on our social media and blog, we want to acknowledge the importance of our current events and share some resources. Change has to happen; we have the power to educate ourselves and create that change!

We are a community built small business that's been here for over 40 years. We see our Long Beach community rising up to fight, to peacefully protest and to raise their voices against racism and inequality, spreading this message through street art, meditation rallies, and peaceful marches. Supporting our community is important to us, and, supporting this movement is important to us.

Through the overwhelming availability of information and resources posted on social media, we were able to collect some useful links here and make it easy to get involved. More is available via hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter and #BLM on any platform with tagging abilities, or a simple google search for other lists like this.

Take a moment to make sure you're registered to vote by clicking here, because education and communication are only the first steps toward change. We must all raise our voices for what matters most and vote!


We've gathered these resources to make helping easier, start here and keep working. Talking about it is the first step but action will create change. We need to educate ourselves, donate, vote, and follow through.

Donate to these organizations and learn more about the movement:

Read these books, or listen to the audiobooks as many of them are on backorder (we've linked black owned online bookstores):

Watch these videos and movies:

Listen to these podcasts:

More ways to support the movement:

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