Coffee of the Month for February is La Minita, a delightful medium roast from the beautiful farm in Tarrazu, Costa Rica.

The name "La Minita" is synonymous with quality and sustainability, two of the pillars of this Hacienda's mission. Founded by Bill McAlpin in 1985, Hacienda La Minita has dedicated their entire operation to the highest standards in product quality, sustainability across the board, and the treatment of their staff. Bill and his skilled team ensures the farm's practices stay socially-conscious and environmentally-sound, proudly upholding their certifications from the Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, and USDA Organic.

Their concept is built on high standards, knowledge, quality, reputation, consistency, and familiarity; undoubtably some of the most important goals in any business. Visit their website for more details about their process:

"Hacienda La Minita was founded on the principle that coffee is much more than a commodity and should be enjoyed as luxuriously as an exquisite glass of wine or a gourmet meal."

A solid business plan is only as functional as its impact on the environment around it, allowing the farming to continue in a safe and positive way. This ensures the future of the company, its employees, and its products. Coffee farming relies heavily on the need for sustainable practices to keep the land fertile and limit any negative impact on the planet.

Some of our favorite choices at La Minita are: 300-acre forest reserve, hydro-electrical turbine creating renewable and nonpolluting power, highly-competitive pay and benefits for employees. It's clear Hacienda La Minita cares about their people and the planet. Learn more about that here:

La Minita is a sustainably grown Costa Rican coffee with a medium body and rich flavor containing hints of citrus with a sweet finish.

We started buying from them in the 90s, found by Mike through our green coffee broker who sent us a sample. After thirty years it remains one of our best sellers, a consistently delicious brew that's perfect for any palate. The flavor profile is defined as rich yet smooth, with the brightness of citrus and sweetness of currants. Being a medium body medium roast makes it ideal for a clean filter brewing method like pour over or Chemex, enjoyed black or with a splash of cream.

Order your bag of La Minita today and see for yourself!
La Minita coffee cherries
Learn more about Hacienda La Minita on their website.
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