In 1976, when most people were satisfied with coffee made from one pound metal cans from the supermarket, Mike Sheldrake decided to offer people something better.

Long before the ubiquitous chain coffee stores appeared on every corner, Mike blended his deep knowledge of coffee roasting and brewing with his passion for people and built a coffee business in the then-sleepy Southern California beach town of Belmont Shore.

Since then, Sheldrake Coffee Roasting has evolved from a neighborhood gem into a local institution serving a thriving community. Today, Sheldrake Coffee is a unique, comfortable coffeehouse with an espresso bar and an in-house bakery that sells not just coffee but whole bean, incredibly fresh coffees that are roasted right in the store as well as a broad selection of fine teas, brewing and serving ware. Sheldrake Coffee has expanded its reach online to include a nationwide clientele of discriminating, enthusiastic customers who know the coffee they get from Sheldrake's is roasted with skill, passion and unmatched quality.

At the heart of our operation is a 15-kilo Probat coffee roaster. Built in Germany around 1929, it was brought to America in 1979 and has served us well.

The roasting process starts when we open the gate at the bottom of the conical hopper mounted above the roasting drum. The beans slide into the rotating drum, which is heated from below by adjustable gas burners. The roast master monitors roast progress by taking samples of beans using a scoop – called a tryer – that is mounted on the front of the roaster and penetrates into the roasting chamber. At just the right moment, the roast master opens the roasting chamber door, spilling the beans into the cooling tray where they are stirred as air is drawn down through them.

Our Freshness Guarantee

At Sheldrake Coffee Roasting, we select only the finest, top grade arabica coffee beans from around the world. But the real difference is in the roasting. Coffee will lose 25% of its flavor in the first two weeks after roasting. That’s why we roast our own coffee beans right in the store.

We want you to know what you are getting, and where it comes from. Our passion is to provide you with the highest quality, freshest and best tasting coffee available!

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