Yup, it's still us! The only things changing is our name, from Polly's Gourmet Coffee to Sheldrake Coffee Roasting. Our owner, Mike Sheldrake, wants to more clearly communicate his 45 year mission of perfecting the art of coffee roasting. After all, it's what we do.

Through the month of October we will be transitioning fully to the Sheldrake name, with new signs, coffee sleeves, menu boards, uniforms, social media, and website. The location in the Long Beach airport will also be updating their signs to match our rebranding, changing nothing but the name.

Our best seller "Polly's Blend" is being simply renamed to "Mike's Blend" remaining the exact same blend of Mexican and Colombian coffees. Our staff, menu selections, and online shop all remain unchanged sans some visual branding updates.

Roasting coffee is our passion, providing wholesale coffee and tea to California restaurants and businesses for many years. We will continue to accept new clients, so if you're in need of quality products, look no further.

We greatly appreciate your support through this transition and promise nothing about the business is being changed besides the name and branding. You can still spot Mike standing at the roaster with his son Mike Jr. roasting the same coffee you love in the same spot since 1976. Starting October 1st 2020 we are Sheldrake Coffee Roasting!

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  • Mike is one of those rare businessmen and craftsmen that does everything well. I’ve never had a bad experience or a bad product from Mike’s business. I appreciate quality and I am gratified that his son is learning the ropes and another generation of good coffee is coming along.
    I’m now living in Alaska. I can source beans from Mike’s old ’70s mentor in Juneau Alaska but I have a friend buy beans from Sheldrake Coffee Roasting and ship them to me every 6 weeks. They are just that good!

    Dale P on

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