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In this time of crisis we know it's still important to get your coffee, so we're here for you.

We offer all of our freshly roasted coffee beans, loose leaf teas, and brewing supplies for sale online, shipped directly to you anywhere in the world or available for free and safe in-store pick up. You're only a few clicks away from a cup of La Minita brewed to perfection with your new Chemex without ever leaving the safety of your home, or at minimal risk with our curbside pick up option. The shop is still open every day too, set up with everyone's safety in mind and plenty of hot coffee ready to go.

At our shop in Long Beach, CA we're working hard to roast, package, prepare, and ship your orders as quickly as possible. We're taking the current circumstances very seriously and have been ahead of the curve following the rules set by our local government. We almost immediately closed the interior of the shop and patio and transitioned to a safer walk-up window complete with a partition. While in line we ask our customers to maintain 6 foot social distancing and wear their mask to protect each other, plus we set up a hand washing station for anyone's use.

Our employees stay safely inside the store wearing a mask and gloves, operating at designated stations to keep from cross-contaminating; one person is in charge of handling money while others are assigned to making drinks, serving drinks, grabbing pastries, and packaging bean orders. If anyone must change stations then they are required to change gloves. We also do not allow any employee to come to work if they're showing any symptoms of any kind, and will keep them home for two weeks to be absolutely sure they are healthy when returning to work. We're not messing around.

We hope that you can find some comfort knowing our shop is as safe as we can make it, whether you're ordering in person or online. For those interested in ordering products online and picking up in store, but don't feel comfortable leaving their car, we do offer curbside pick up. Simply place your order online as normal and select the pick up option. When you arrive, park in our attached lot and call the store. Let us know your name, order number, and what car you're in and an employee will come out to you. We are more than happy to accommodate!

Since the beginning of quarantine we've offered an exclusive sale on Polly's Blend, which ends May 31st. You still have a few days left to grab yours! More exciting offers and features are on the way, starting with the launch of our blog right here on our website and the newly available selection of brewing supplies. Check back for new posts and follow us on Instagram to stay connected! If you have any questions you can contact us via social media or call the store directly.

Stay safe!

Polly's Gourmet Coffee Storefront

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  • During these difficult times please let me know if there is anything we can do to help you and your employees? While you are shut down would you consider accepting donations for your employee’s? Donat Ions such as food, house hold essentials etc? I know some of your employees have children. Pleased let me know if there is anything we can do.
    Thank You

    Tom F on

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