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Vienna Roast - DECAF

If you like a true cup of coffee, enjoy an authentic cup of joe with the lightest of our dark roasts. Our Vienna Roast exudes subtle dark chocolate flavors and a smoky aroma abounds in this complex roast.

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Our coffees have been roasted to perfection according to Master Roaster and Founder Mike Sheldrake's 46 years in the craft.

Interested in learning more about our roasting process?

All of our decafs are processed by the Indirect Contact method. The beans are soaked in hot water, which extracts the caffeine and coffee oils. The beans are then removed from the water. A decaffeinating agent is added to the water. The caffeine precipitates out of solution and is removed. The remainder of the decaffeinating agent evaporates out of the water. The coffee beans are reintroduced to the water where they reabsorb their oils. The coffee is then dried and ready for roasting.


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